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...while couple miss rugby after €2k bill

THIS couple spent $2,500 (€2,000) to support Ireland against France and travelled nearly 9,000km, but they won't even be able to watch the Six Nations clash on TV tomorrow.

Two weeks after they flew to France to cheer on their favourite team, Jeff and Stephanie Gregson from Sacramento, California, have discovered the delayed rugby game will not be shown on cable television in their area.

"So far, it does not look like BBCAmerica will be broadcasting that particular game over here in the States," Jeff told the Herald.

"I hope their scheduling changes. We were not able to resell our tickets, even after lowering the price well below what we paid for them.

"Maybe we'll luck out and be able to find a pub here that will somehow have it. If not, it looks like a complete loss for us. I'm guessing that there will be quite a lot of Irish supporters not making the trip again to France."

Jeff, a police sergeant whose family hails from Co Clare, explained that he had developed a passion for rugby during his many trips to Ireland and he was very excited to watch his first game in the Stade de France with his wife.

"We travel back and forth to Ireland every other year or so -- it's like a second home, we love it.

"A few years ago, when we came over in February, we got attached to the whole Six Nations tournament and we thought we'd love to go to a game one day," the 37-year-old explained.

"My wife is a school principal so it's very difficult for her to take time off outside of the summer months -- when it's usually too expensive to travel to Europe."