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Which one do you want? The 36 pedigree pups seized by gardai could be up for adoption in days

SOME of the 36 puppies grabbing headlines since they were seized by gardai could be adopted in just 10 days.

The pedigree pups are still under the control of the gardai, but if the authorities decide they should be put into the ownership of the DSPCA animal charity, then the process of finding them new homes will begin.

It is thought the dogs could be worth up to €700 each on the black market.

Today, Gillian Bird of the DSPCA told the Herald that if the pups are signed over to the charity, standard adoption procedures will be operated.

Prospective owners will have to fill in an official form and undergo a formal interview. Visits will be paid to the homes of the hopefuls to ensure they are suitable for dogs before any adoption is completed.

The puppies themselves are having health checks and some are being treated for parasites.

Many of the puppies have had their tails docked, their dew claws removed and are receiving treatment for minor infections.

The pups are aged between four weeks and 14 weeks old. Usually, pups are taken from their mothers at around eight to nine weeks old.

Crucially, an approved owner must pre-book their new dog to undergo neutering at the age of six months. Ms Bird said as the pups do not appear to have any official papers, it is necessary that they are not allowed to breed as their blood lines and genetic history are unknown.

The cost to new owners of such pups is a standard €135. This covers the treatments and micro-chipping and the animal itself is basically free.

Although such pups could be sold for up to €700 each if they had official papers, their lack of papers means they must be neutered to prevent them from breeding, she said.

Ms Bird said with forged papers, traffickers could get between €600 to €700 per puppy on the black market.