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Where's the note Maloney found in flat?

THE name Frank Maloney loomed large in the aftermath of Darren Sutherland's death.

Mr Maloney, who was due to take the stand today at the inquest, signed him up to turn professional after his Olympic success.

It was clear Darren's parents held him enormously responsible for the tragedy that engulfed them.

They instructed Mr Maloney to stay away from Darren's funeral, and Tony Sutherland's interview on The Late Late Show the Friday following his son's funeral, while legally measured and contained, was clearly brimming with anger and distain.

As a boxing promoter Mr Maloney had a number of impressive signings, including managing Lennox Lewis to the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world in 1999. Politically, however, Mr Maloney is the very antithesis of the reconciler and cultural ambassador that Darren Sutherland was destined to become.

He was born in Peckham, London, of Irish parents, yet, as a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), he has campaigned to reduce immigration into the UK.

In April 2004, while campaigning to become mayor of London, the BBC reported that Gay Conservatives had called for his sacking by the UKIP over his "homophobic" comments.

Mr Maloney stated that he would not be campaigning in the borough of Camden because there were "too many gays". After a visit to Whitechapel during the same election, Mr Maloney complained: "Barely anyone speaks English and to look around, you would think you are in a different country." This remark prompted then mayor Ken Livingstone to comment, "UKIP are the British National Party in suits".

Mr Maloney has been on Twitter claiming Darren Sutherland's inquest is a "witch-hunt".


Today he has the opportunity to answer his critics and to answer uncomfortable questions that Darren's family want asked.

Of particular interest will be a second statement Mr Maloney made to the police in December 2009 in which he stated he had found a note, addressed to himself, from Darren Sutherland, after discovering his body. This note has not been produced by Maloney to date and he will be cross-examined about it today. If he fails to produce the note he will be technically in contempt of court and could be accused of perverting the course of justice.

The note, like the disturbing letter by Darren's 'friend and adviser' Declan Brennan, which stated: "Frank (Maloney) will destroy you and your family in the media. He will hunt you down and do articles about how you f****d up. Frank will destroy you for the rest of your life and he will be right", may hold many uncomfortable insights into the demise of a budding Irish superstar.