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Where's our blinking bus signs, cry city commuters

COMMUTERS in Tallaght have been left in the dark over bus timetables.

A "breakdown in communications" has been blamed for the no-show on digital signs at Dublin Bus stops.

Since 2011, some 350 bus stops have received the digital signs, which provide passengers with updated arrival times of buses due at the stop.

However, the connection of real-time signs in the Tallaght area was not carried out as promised six months ago.

And commuters along the 27 bus route from Jobstown to Tallaght village have been suffering because of the delay.

Now Tallaght residents are demanding answers as to why they are at the bottom of the queue for the new technology

The ESB says the blame for does not lie with them.

"I was informed by Dublin Bus that the units have not yet been connected with electricity, but I was told by the ESB that this is not true," local community representative Charlie O' Connor told the Herald.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) is responsible for the overseeing and funding the project, while Dublin City Council is responsible for installing the systems, which are powered by the ESB.

NTA said the issues are related to the complicated electrical connection process.

"It's all about the electricity connections," it said.


Dublin City Council said that the affected bus stops in Tallaght have not been lit up due to issues with access to private property near the bus stops and a significant amount of official documentation that needs to be completed first.

"All the issues have been resolved and is in ESB progress cycle," the council said.

The ESB was unavailable for further comment.