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Where your €1k a month goes to care for children

CHILDCARE providers spend 70pc of their revenue on staff wages, due to the high staff-to-children ratios required.


Research from Early Childhood Ireland found that costs for parents are now averaging at more than a family's mortgage payment at a massive €1,000 a month per child.

Household childcare costs are now about 45pc of our average wage – one of the highest globally.

Although parents are paying up to €1,100 a month, a huge chunk of the revenue is spent on workers' costs – at 70pc, the organisation said.

A further 20pc is spent on overheads and 10pc on consumables – such as material needed by children.

"What we have found about costs in all our investigations is that labour is quite costly because it is labour intensive," CEO Irene Gunning told the Herald.



"The ratios are quite high. They are set at three-to-one for babies, six-to-one for toddlers and 11-to-one for pre-school children.

"And then there are significant council rents.

"I know one group who have had an 83pc increase in rents."

But representatives for the workers said that they are not handsomely paid.

"I spoke to one person who earns €9.35 per hour, but it averages at around €11 per hour," Marian Quinn, chairperson of the Association of Childhood Professionals said.

Ms Quinn said that child specialists are not being paid a wage that they deserve.