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Where are Ireland's Vikings hiding out?

Scientists are on the trail of Ireland's Viking families.

They are about to carry out DNA sampling on families in Galway, Limerick and Wexford in a bid to prove a link between the country's oldest families and the Vikings.

The project will also carry out sampling in Tulsk, Co Roscommon.

"Our primary focus is Wexford, Limerick and Galway and the Tulsk people are our control group. We're hoping Vikings didn't make it that far," said Dr Catherine Swift, of Mary Immaculate College, Limerick.

Scientists from the college will be joined by a team from the University of Leicester in England. They are now calling on hundreds of families to take part in the study.

The project is looking for volunteers aged 18 or over from a list of established names. The survey is only targeting men, as it is interested in Y chromosomes.