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'Whenever you're ready' - Aisling drops a not too subtle hint to her model boyfriend Ashley


Model Ashling Quinn and her boyfriend Ashley Duane

Model Ashling Quinn and her boyfriend Ashley Duane

Model Ashling Quinn and her boyfriend Ashley Duane

Aisling Quinn has just dropped a massive hint to her boyfriend Ashley Duane.

The couple have been dating for a year-and-a-half and Aisling (19) appears to be ready to take their relationship to the next level.

She posted a picture of her modelling a beautiful bridal gown to her Instagram account with the caption: "Whenever you're ready bbz, I'm good to go."

The glamorous pair are both models - with Aisling signed to the Andrea Roche Model Agency and Ashley on the books of Assets.

Proving the pair are set to last, Ashley has even got the approval of Aisling's soccer legend dad, Niall Quinn.

"Yep - my boyfriend Ashley has met my dad," Aisling said previously.

"He was my best friend for ages before we started going out. He knows the family well, so of course he got the nod of approval from dad."

Modelling runs in the family as Aisling's mum Gillian (42) is also signed to Andrea Roche's agency.

The mother and daughter duo have more than modelling in common as they're both focussing on their studies while juggling their careers.

Aisling is studying for her business and law degree at UCD while Gillian recently became a psychology student. The model mum was previously a pilates instructor and was planning on opening her own studio but put it on hold after a back injury last year.


"I have started studying again and I am very busy at the moment, so I am going to concentrate on that," Gillian said at the time. "I was working too hard and it takes its toll on your body. To be honest, I was teaching so much, I wasn't practising what I preached."

While Gillian has taken a break from it, Aisling is planning on teaching pilates in the future.

"I did a mat teacher trainer course this summer so hopefully I'll get teaching soon," she said.

"Obviously mum teaches and I really enjoy it. It's quite different from yoga. Pilates is more about strengthening and it's pretty strenuous. At the moment I'm pretty busy but in the future I would like to start teaching," she added.