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Whelan's car wrecked after pig's head prank


GRUESOME: The pig’s head as posted by Brek Shea

GRUESOME: The pig’s head as posted by Brek Shea

GRUESOME: The pig’s head as posted by Brek Shea

IRISH soccer star Glen Whelan's car was smashed up during an incident which saw a pig's head left in a locker belonging to one of his teammates.

Stoke City have begun an investigation into the incident, which was sparked by a prank involving forward Kenwyne Jones and the pig's head.

It is not known whether Whelan was directly involved in leaving the offending item in Jones' locker, but the windscreen of his car was later smashed in.

Stoke's American player Brek Shea posted a picture of the pig's head on social media sites with the caption: "Locker room banter gone wild."

Jones has previously spoken about his Muslim beliefs and his partner, Kissa Abdullah, let loose about the incident online.

"It just takes a minute to be sensitive to someone's beliefs no one says u can't have a sense of humour but let it be a joke! This wasn't!" she said. "Where I come from that's not anywhere close 2 funny! Esp not knowing religious beliefs."

Stoke City said in a statement that it would be investigating the alleged prank: "The club takes seriously reports of an incident at our training ground this afternoon."

It was reported that Jones smashed Whelan's car windscreen with a golf club, but he later denied this.

Whelan (29) is expected to meet Stoke officials to discuss the incident before tomorrow's trip to Southampton.