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Whelan glad to have Murray back

THEY are radio rivals but Marty Whelan is delighted that fellow broadcaster John Murray has returned to the airwaves.

Marty, who presents on Lyric FM, didn't hear Murray's comeback live on RTE Radio One because both men are on air at the same time.

However, he said that the "incredible" reaction to Murray's openness about his battle with depression is justified.

"I think it's incredible," he told the Herald.

"I'd say he's been through hell and high water. The last six months must have been daunting for his family.

"I listened back to it that evening and thought he was amazingly open about what has happened to him


"It was very emotional and a difficult thing to do. He was fantastic and I think it's lovely he's back," Marty said.

Murray (right) said his listeners had helped him through his depression dubbing them his 'secret weapon'.

"He was so grateful to listeners. They are so thoughtful."

Marty said it reminded him of the letters, cards and support he had received from fans when his mother Lily (95) died this year.

"You have no idea the cards and flowers I received. I'm still receiving them to this day and it means an awful lot."

He added: "It makes you realise that things go on; people are just incredible.

"It's amazing what you get from listeners. They really lift you.

"I'm an only child so she had been living with us – we pretty much did everything for her until she passed."

Marty, his wife Maria and children Jessica (22) and Tom (20) were at his mother's bedside when she passed away on October 9.

"My lovely mum Lily just passed away," he said at the time. "We are heartbroken but happy that she is at peace and with my dad, Sean."