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What to do if your card details have been stolen

What a mess. Instead of 30,000 customers being open to credit card fraud through Supervalu's Getaway Breaks scheme and a similar one run for Axa, it now looks like it's closer to 70,000 and more serious than originally thought.

If you're one of those whose details have been stolen here some questions you might have – and answers which may help.

Hackers got hold of the card details customers used to book 'Getaway Breaks' via Supervalu's Real Reward scheme, which is operated by a company called LoyaltyBuild. The affected cards were used between January 2011 and February 2012 and also this year. If you're an affected customer you will receive written and email communication.

Enough for them to make purchases using your card. It's a serious breach – the Data Protection Commissioner is investigating.

No. The problem only relates to cards specifically used for the Getaway Breaks promotion.

Keep an eye on your credit card statements (and go back over old ones) to check for unauthorised transactions. These may be small rather than large as hackers 'test' the cards. You should also contact your bank/credit card company to let them know you are affected.

If anyone calls purporting to be from Supervalu, LoyaltyBuild or any other reputable company asking you for your card details, it is a scam. Never, ever give these over the phone unless you have initiated the purchase.

Don't worry. Your credit card is insured by your bank and you will get a full refund on reporting the fraud.

Yes. Until the card's expiry date, it's technically vulnerable. If your card was renewed since the dates outlined, you're probably fine but contact your bank to be sure.

Yes. All breaks made to date are booked and confirmed. The system has, however, been suspended temporarily for new bookings.

A customer helpline has been set up on 0818 220 088.