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"Imagine how loud the Irish fans would be if they had something proper to cheer about #properfans"

-- Michael Owen

"Outplayed but never outsung. All I can hear on my TV in Kiev is the Fields Of Athenry from Republic of Ireland fans in Gdansk"

-- Henry Winter

"Ireland may not be winning #Euro2012 but I think it's fair to say that the fans are the best in the tournament. Magnificent supporters!!"

-- Matt Holland

"Just want to say I am so proud of the Irish fans, they have conducted themselves perfectly yet again and done Ireland proud."

-- Paul McGrath

"What, he will no doubt be asked still again, was he doing keeping the young James McClean out of the starting action? Protecting him from a nervous breakdown was maybe one of the more plausible explanations, you had to expect. Aiden McGeady or McClean, whatever their virtues and certainly the potential of the young Sunderland discovery, were hardly going to effect that essential matter of limiting the slaughter"

-- James Lawton

"This is what Spain do to teams. No over reaction needed. There's a reason they're World and European champions"

-- Cillian Sheridan

"Only Irish voices being heard in Gdansk. Great atmosphere. Too much fear today but it is difficult to get stuck in when Spain plays well"

-- Guillem Balague

"Celebrate -- this party's over -- we're going home -- the Irish fans have won even more fans around the world"

-- Ian Dempsey