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What if I failed maths, changed my mind or fear my points aren't right?

Q. I have enough points for the course I applied for, but I failed Maths, which is a requirement for the course.

Is there any chance I will be offered a place on the course?

A. Unfortunately, there is no chance of being offered a place on a course when you fail to meet the course requirements, and Maths is a requirement for most, although not all, courses.

Points are the final selection procedure and only come into play when an applicant has satisfied all other requirements.

Q. I have been offered my second preference course on my CAO list of Level 8 (honours degree) choices. I am only five points away from my first preference. Should I turn this offer down in the hope that I will get my first preference course in the second round?

A. No. It is always advisable to treat your first round offer as the only one that you may get and respond accordingly. There is no guarantee there will be any further offers in your higher preference course.

If you accept the offer you have in this round, you will still be offered any higher preference offer to which you may be entitled in a later round, and you may accept it, or hold on to this one if you prefer to do so. However, even if you refuse this offer, you will still be offered your first preference offer, if there are more places on that course to fill in round two, and you are next in the waiting list.

Q. My daughter is away for two weeks and is not sure she will be able to get on the internet to view her offer. If she cannot access the internet, how do we accept her offer?

A. It is more than likely that she will be able to do so. However, CAO has posted offer notices to every applicant receiving an offer, and they should arrive in the post today or tomorrow.

There is nothing to stop an applicant, or someone acting on their behalf, returning the appropriate part of the offer notice when it arrives by post. Just return the relevant part of the offer notice to arrive in CAO by the reply date printed on the notice, which is 5.15pm on Monday August 30 in respect of this first round. Check with your daughter whether or not she has accepted online, because CAO requires a reply by post or online, but not both.

Q. I have received an offer of my second preference course, but now I believe I would prefer my third preference course, for which I have more than enough points. Is there any chance that I can change my application now?

A. CAO's ruling is very clear. Once an applicant is made an offer of the highest preference course, to which their results entitle them, they are automatically excluded from further consideration for any course lower in their order of preference than the one they have been offered.

The exception to this is if an applicant wants to apply for a course where there are vacant places and there are no more applicants on the waiting list.

Q. I believe that my points are incorrect on my offer notice. Is it possible that CAO has made a mistake?

A. It's unlikely CAO has done so. Are you counting more than six subjects? Have you counted your LCVP Link Modules points correctly? Remember they may be counted instead of, not as well as your sixth subject.

Points are not generally awarded for Foundation Level Maths or Irish, although some institutions award points for grades A1 to B2.

Q. How do I refuse an offer?

A. You do not need to take any action. .