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What do you think of fees?

"I would definitely come here if I needed a doctor as it's near my work. It's a very good price but it should be even cheaper."

Claudia Cardoso (35), Dublin 1

"It's a good offer. I'd definitely come here if I needed to see a doctor. And I've heard that it's a very good clinic."

Jonathan Gaffney (26), Clondalkin

"I pay €50 to go to a doctor. And if one of my children gets sick, usually the other one does too -- so that's €100. So I'd definitely come here."

Christine O'Brien-Gleeson (26), Parkwest

"These days a lot of people are not going to see a doctor because it's too expensive. €35 is a great price and I'd definitely come here."

Sharon O'Brien-Gleeson (23), Maynooth

"People are struggling to pay doctors' fees. They've been far too expensive for far too long. I'll definitely come."

Cormac O'Sullivan (35), Greystones

"It's brilliant. My own doctor charges €55. I'd definitely use the doctor here."

Claire Quigley (25), Clondalkin