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'What an incredible accomplishment'

"I love you Ireland! It's a beautiful day." - Saoirse Ronan

"Huge sense of pride over what has happened in Ireland, tempered by massive sadness that I'm missing the bloody party." - Daire O'Briain (inset)

"So happy Ireland have passed the law to get married there. Still genuinely shocks me though, that this is only just happening." - Sam Smyth

"Ireland did it! The first country to legalise marriage equality by popular vote, but they won't be the last. What an incredible accomplishment." - Ellen De Generes

"Congratulations Ireland. The journey the country has made during my lifetime leaves me so very proud, happy and amazed. Group hug." - Graham Norton

"Well done, Ireland" - Hilary Clinton

"Wonderful news for Ireland. Now everyone... go get married." - Tom Daley

"F**k yeah Ireland" - Miley Cyrus