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West Ham star Joey swaps Dubai sun for Dublin gym

WHILE his team-mates were in Dubai, West Ham star Joey O'Brien opted for a more low-key outing at a Dublin gym.

The Premier League full back had to forego the sunshine break after he suffered a dead leg in training.

Dubliner O'Brien worked out at the council-owned Swan Leisure in Rathmines.

"Joey got a dead leg at a match in training and obviously with a dead leg you can't fly, so he was just over visiting for a couple of days and dropped in to do a bit," said the gym's operations manager Gavin Finn.

"Anytime he's over he just drops in to us.

"He comes in and just does his bit. I suppose he's on weekend breaks to see his family. He was in with the physio over the weekend trying to rub out that dead leg of his.


"We gave him the private studio for the day. We'd have our in-house physio, but obviously West Ham would have organised him to have his own," Mr Finn said.

While the gym's policy is not to allow outside personal trainers and physios use the facilities, Mr Finn decided to turn a blind eye to Joey, who had brought along his own physiotherapist.

"It was just by chance they were on the floor doing a bit and I just popped up.

"I nearly gave out to them, but then I was like, it's Joey O'Brien, we can make an exception, so I just gave him the studio," Mr Finn said.


O'Brien isn't the only athlete to take advantage of the council centre.

Former Ireland rugby player Alan Quinlan drops in from time to time, as do some pro MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters.

The Swan also has an affiliation with Bohemians Football Club, while two former Irish league footballers are members of staff, including Patrick Jennings, the son of former Northern Ireland and Arsenal goal-keeping great Pat Jennings.