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West Dublin: Clondalkin and Tallaght to get 200 new social homes


Trevor Gilligan

Trevor Gilligan

Trevor Gilligan

Clondalkin and Tallaght are in line for over 200 new homes built by South Dublin County Council in conjunction with the Department of Environment.

The council is tackling the high number of people on their housing list by spending more than €40m on social developments in Dublin mid-west.

At least 203 homes will be built by 2017 as part of the Government's plan to deliver 1,700 units in each local authority at the cost of €312m.

The places being earmarked for the developments include the St Mark's Estate in Clondalkin, with 50 social houses expected to be built there at the cost of €10.2m.

The Mayfield Estate, Clondalkin, will also get 18 social housing units costing €3.6m, while Tallaght will also gain 50 social housing units at a total cost of €10m.

A further 48 houses are expected to be developed for an infill project at Lett's Field, which is currently also used by a local football team.

But there has been some disappointment that the plans don't take account of the need for green space.

Local Fianna Fail councillor Trevor Gilligan welcomed the extra houses proposed by the council, but expressed his disappointment at the lack of balance in the plans.

"The council seem to be focusing a lot on the Clondalkin area, where there is very little green space left as it is, instead of also looking at surrounding areas," he said.

"They're planning to build developments on four- and five-acre sites, which are far too small.

"There has to be some balance between the number of houses being built, and the green space left in the area that clubs and children play on."