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Were you one of the 250,000 who watched the greens?

Karen Anderson, (43) Raheny: "I knew it was on but I deliberately didn't watch it. It was Earth Hour, I just thought that was so ironic. They should have planned it better. I don't like those [party conferences] where they can say what they like, they don't have to answer to anybody and they can make themselves sound amazing but in reality they don't listen to the public.

"I don't know anyone who watched it. The older people could have been watching Winning Streak and just left it on. Or people who were waiting for the 9 o'clock News and that's probably where they got their figures from."

Aly Gavin (20), Swords: "I'd say the figures are wrong, people have better things to be doing. I didn't see it. Even if I knew it was on I wouldn't have watched it because it's the Green Party. Nobody really listens to them."

Marian Hunt (52), Fairview: "I absolutely didn't watch it and I don't know anyone who did. Even if I was in I wouldn't have watched it. I think those figures are way exaggerated. Not that many people are interested in what they have to say."

Sarah Ebrill (20), Wexford: "I don't watch telly very much and I'm not into political programmes. I don't do politics at all; I'm not even registered to vote. Maybe the figures are right, people would watch it to see about the Coalition breaking up, they don't actually want to hear him [John Gormley] though."

Robert Byrne (56), Leixlip: "I watched part of it but that was because I had to; I was in someone else's house. I'm not interested because they're basically just clapping each other on the back. It was on at a prime slot so the figures probably aren't far off."

Geraldine Harrington (52), South Circular Road: "This is the first I've heard of it. If I'd known it was on I probably wouldn't have watched it. Those figures are definitely wrong."

Paula Kavanagh (41), Kilcullen: "I didn't know it was on but I heard it on the news. I wouldn't have watched it anyway."

Kathleen Healy (53), Cork:

"I don't know anyone who watched it, that figure must be exaggerated."

Paula Daly (39), Limerick: "I was in but I didn't watch it. I don't think people would watch it; there are too many game shows on."