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We're struggling on, says husband of tree-fall victim

THE husband of a woman killed by a falling tree on Waterloo Road last February has spoken in the lead up to the first anniversary of her tragic death.

Richard Collins and his family suffered the terrible tragedy when his wife Lynda was killed by a falling tree during gales in February last year.

The devoted mum-of-three was killed by the falling tree as she left her job at the ESB on February 3.

Lynda walking across Waterloo Road when the mature tree snapped and came crashing down on top of her.

Despite heroic efforts by passers-by, Lynda died at the scene.

Now nearly a year since the freak accident, Richard has spoken of how the family are trying to rebuild their lives. "Lynda is in my mind every day, the whole time. I go to visit her grave often," he told the Herald.

"Anything can trigger a memory, like decorating the house for Christmas, Lynda would have been mad into Christmas," he added.

"We are getting on in what is obviously a difficult time. After Lynda died the kids had to get back to school and get some stability and we kept busy and struggled through," said Richard.

"It's hard to believe it's nearly a year ago now," he added.

"You have to try and rebuild your life and be upbeat for the kids. We're doing all the things we always did."

The devoted mum lived in Blackrock with Richard and children Georgia (14), Robert (13) and Juliana (7).

Lynda was the daughter of former government chief whip Fergus O'Brien.