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'We're splitting up for final' -- newlyweds declare war as they cheer on rival teams

FOOTBALL war has been declared in one Dublin fan's household, as a husband and wife go head-to-head in clashing county colours.

Malahide-man Sean Kearney is preparing for battle with his Kerry-born wife this weekend -- as their opposing counties gear up for this Sunday's Championship showdown.

It will be an awkward weekend for 38-year-old Blues supporter Sean, who married his Munster sweetheart Carrie Fehan over the summer.

"We're splitting up for the occasion," he admitted.

"We didn't know it would be a Dublin vs Kerry final on our wedding day, but the slagging and banter has been endless since," he told the Herald.

"It's good banter now but it won't be come Sunday -- one way or another we won't be talking to each other for a while.

"It has been causing a lot of tension and I've been getting a lot of abuse from her family too."

The newlyweds got hitched on July 30, in Killarney, and are both huge GAA followers.

While at the time of their nuptials the couple didn't know who would qualify for the title decider -- passionate fan Sean made reference to the Dubs during his reception speech.

"I teased her that if Dublin ever beat Kerry it would be the best day of my life and my wedding would come mild second to an All-Ireland win -- so she knew what she was getting herself into," he revealed.

In an effort to take his bride's family and the Kerry confidence down a peg, Sean decided to decorate Carrie's Ballyheigue home in the blue and navy strip.


"I went down to stay with the in-laws a few weeks ago and covered their house in Dublin flags and bunting -- they came home and thought the house had been vandalised," laughed Sean.