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'We're not harsher on female stars', says judge Brian


Deirdre O’Kane and partner John Nolan on the dance show

Deirdre O’Kane and partner John Nolan on the dance show

Deirdre O’Kane and partner John Nolan on the dance show

Dancing With The Stars judge Brian Redmond has rubbished claims by Deirdre O'Kane that the programme's judges are harder on the female contestants.

Deirdre recently said that she feels Brian and his fellow panellists, Loraine Barry and Julian Benson, have been going easier on the men throughout the competition and have been more critical of the women.

However, RTE has pointed out that of the top five highest-performing celebrities on the show, four of them are women.

Jake Carter currently sits on top of the leaderboard, with an average score of 25.6 out of 30.

Recently eliminated contestant Alannah Beirne had an average score of 24.9.

Erin McGregor is a close third with 24.4, while Anna Geary has managed a score of 23.8 and Deirdre rounds out the top five with an average of 22.9.

"The statistics prove that nothing could be further from the truth," said Brian.


"Of the five highest scores this series, four of them are women - and one of those is Deirdre."

With only one man left in the competition, he went on to say that overall the women are averaging better scores than their male counterparts.

"As it happens, the female contestants in general are averaging three points more than the men so the stats just don't back up what Deirdre has said," he added.

"We all know emotions run high after the live show and for Deirdre to be unhappy with her scores is understandable, as anybody who has a competitive nature would be aiming for the highest possible scores."

He stressed that the judges always try to give fair scores.