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We're in web slow lane

BROADBAND connection speeds in Ireland are just 73pc the level that customers pay for, according to a European Commission study.

The investigation found that Ireland's broadband providers are falling behind in speeds they have promised consumers.

However, the European average came in only slightly ahead with customers likely to receive 74pc of the advertised level.

The Commission has previously criticised Ireland's broadband provision levels.

It said that Ireland has done a good job in providing basic broadband to over 97pc of the population.

Ireland scores much better than average in mobile broadband take-up at 78.1pc compared to the EU average of 54.5pc.

However, only 2pc of homes have ultrafast broadband subscriptions of above 100mbps, far from the EU's 2020 target of 50pc.

And 50pc of EU citizens in general have no or low computer skills, the research found.