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We're having chilliest summer in 50 years

IT'S official -- Ireland is suffering its coolest summer in 50 years.

The hottest temperature anywhere this year was just 25.5C in Carlow on June 3, which is the lowest peak temperature in almost 50 years. This contrasts with a peak of 28.6C last year and 32.3C in Roscommon in 2006.

While most people have given up hoping for a warm summer, Met Eireann today poured cold water on those remaining optimists with more unsettled weather coming our way.

T-shirts and shorts have not got much of an airing this year as temperatures for the summer of 2011 have been the lowest in many years.


The forecast for the remaining days of August are not promising with "spells of rain punctuated by showery conditions" on the way, according to Met Eireann.

The cool breezes have brought an autumnal feel to the air in recent days as children begin their last fortnight of the school holidays.

A Met Eireann forecaster told the Herald today: "June and July and most of August so far have had lower than average temperatures... Sunny days have been few and far between.

"Air temperatures have been two degrees below normal for June and July in many parts," he said.

"It's natural for Ireland to have cool summers. Anyone hoping for prolonged hot spells should remember they are few and far between," he said.

"On the other hand, the summer has been drier than normal. And we've not had any extreme weather with no heavy rainfall causing the problems that we had in the previous three years," he said.

August has been as disappointing as June and July with many areas having their coolest August temperatures for almost 20 years.

Met Eireann figures reveal Cork Airport's 13.9C average temperature so far this month is the lowest for August since 1992.