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'We're going to dig Ryan up' - Mr Big mob's chilling threat as gangsters spotted at grave


IRA boss Alan Ryan

IRA boss Alan Ryan

IRA boss Alan Ryan

A dangerous gang led by the criminal known as 'Mr Big' has made chilling threats to "dig up" the body of slain terror boss Alan Ryan.

The drug-dealing mob are the chief suspects for the murder of both Alan and his brother Vinnie, who was laid to rest last week.

Now they have warned that the gang will continue to target the north-Dublin family.

The Herald has also learned that a series of hoax online accounts have been created to mock the murdered brothers.

Vinnie Ryan (25) was gunned down moments after dropping his girlfriend at her home in Finglas two weeks ago.


His brother, Real IRA chief Alan (32), was killed by a hitman as he walked near his Donaghmede home in September 2012.

The family, who recently called for no retaliation for Vinnie's murder, have been subjected to a series of attacks by the 'Mr Big' mob over the last four years.

"A number of gang members were spotted hanging around Alan and Vincent's grave in Fingal cemetery," a source said.

"The family have been told that this gang wants to dig up Alan's body and put it on display. It's sick."

Family friend Malachy Steenson said: "There has been wave after wave of attacks on this family by this drug-dealing gang. People may ask if this threat is real or if it is credible.

"But if you look at what they have already done then there is no doubt in my mind but that they are capable of this."

He explained that mum Marion is "terrified" that every time one of her family members goes outside the door they are going to be killed.

The bizarre threat to dig up Alan Ryan's remains is similar to a scene in crime drama Love/Hate where character Fran, played by Peter Coonan, dug up the remains of the mother of 'Noely', played by real-life criminal Stephen Clinch.

Vinnie Ryan was buried in the same plot as his brother Alan and their father Peter after his funeral mass in Donaghmede last Tuesday.

Prior to the ceremony, the Ryans released a statement begging for an end to the dispute.

Older brother Dermot Ryan said: "The family calls for no retaliation and for an end to the senseless violence being carried out on our streets by drug gangs."

However, security sources said the pleas have been ignored by members of the Mr Big mob.

A number of fake accounts have been created on social media to mock the Ryan family.

The posts describe the murdered brothers as "worm food" with one user threatening that the "rest of yeah" will follow.

The inflammatory messages have been seen by gardai.

Vinnie Ryan had been warned his life was under threat in the weeks before his murder.

He was lucky to survive when a knifeman slashed his throat in an attack outside the Rotunda Hospital last November.

Ryan was considered the chief suspect for murdering rival gangster Michael 'Micka' Kelly, nicknamed 'The Panda', in September 2011.

In October 2013, Ryan and his close pal Darragh Evans (25) were cleared by the Special Criminal Court of possession of an assault rifle and a handgun at Clonshaugh Walk, Coolock, on September 15, 2011 - the same day on which Kelly was killed.


His brother Dermot, a former member of the 32-County Sovereignty Movement, has also been warned recently that his life is under threat from the gang.

Vinnie Ryan's family insisted he had left crime and was moving on with his life.

His brother Dermot said: "On his release from prison he did not report back to the IRA, and from that time has solely been concerned with building his business as a barber and creating a family life with his partner Kelly and baby Phoenix."