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We're getting homes ready for Big Chill

Almost one-in-three homes in Dublin have had extra insulation fitted in the past year to cut heating bills.

The severe snow and freezing conditions that hit the city last winter are believed to have spurred large numbers of homeowners into action.

The high level of insulation work in the past year was revealed in a national-wide survey by Bord Gais Energy.

Findings published today revealed that one-in-five Dubliners are willing to spend up to €2,000 on top of Government grants for heat-saving and money-saving improvements to their homes.

And seven in every 10 Dubliners interviewed declared they would consider availing of home insulation work.

One in five Dublin homeowners (21pc) would be willing to spend up to €2,000 on top of the Government energy-saving grants available to them, the survey into awareness and attitudes to energy efficiency has revealed.

And a further 33pc of Dubliners would be willing to spend between €500 and €1,000 on preventing heat loss.


"The results of this in-depth survey have produced some really interesting findings, particularly in regard to levels of awareness and good intentions compared to numbers actually acting on this and reaping the benefits," said Mark Prentice, Head of Retail at Bord Gais Energy.

"Men are highly aware of the advantages of an energy-efficient home and women share environmental concerns.

"In anticipation of another cold winter, those living in the Dublin urban area were more concerned with every second respondent (54pc) feeling their home does not have proper insulation, compared to rural areas where 31pc are of the same opinion," he said.

"Poor roof and cavity wall insulation were cited as the main reason people believe their home to be poorly insulated, and in fact these are two really simple and straightforward improvements,"he said.

Half of all Dubliners said they would be likely to avail of an energy-efficiency scheme over the next 12 months, he added.

A number of grant schemes and incentives are available for eligible homeowners to improve the energy quality of their homes.