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We're failing our OAPs in fuel poverty

MORE than half of elderly people have cut their food and clothing spend to heat their homes, it's claimed.

The statement was made in a report researched by Dublin Institute of Technology and the Institute of Public Health in Ireland, with other groups.

The survey also found that 60pc of older people were unable to heat their homes this winter, and 25pc felt that their homes were too cold.

Just over half felt their poor health was aggravated by their cold home.

The Energy Minister, Pat Rabbitte, has claimed that the figures are hand-picked.

Even if the situation is not as severe as the survey suggests, it's undisputed that 6.5pc of Irish citizens live in consistent poverty - and many of these are elderly.

And any society in which pensioners are forced to use their oven to generate heat -- as some surveyed admitted -- is clearly failing them.