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We're a top spot for foreign firms

A KEY report from IBM has identified Ireland as the top destination in the world for quality and value of investments.

IBM's 2011 Global Location Trends Report places Ireland as one of the top destinations globally for jobs by inward investment per capita.

And the report says that there was additional significant growth in foreign investment in Ireland in the last year.

There was a marked 30pc increase in the amount of venture projects and jobs created from foreign investment.

The report investigates each country in terms of productivity, knowledge intensity and occupational profile composition represented by wages and skills.


It highlighted the value and exceptionally strong contribution that foreign direct investment makes towards Ireland's economic development.

IDA Ireland, headed by Barry O'Leary, welcomed the report which sees the country lead a group followed by South Korea, Taiwan, Austria, Switzerland and Singapore.

Meanwhile, Dublin ranks in 17th position globally in top destination cities by number of investments.

Of the world's top 25 destination cities, seven are from Asia, 12 are from Europe and three are from North America, with one each from Latin America, the Middle East and Oceania.