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We'll shoot your baby, dad warned in robbery

A TERRIFIED businessman has revealed how a gang threatened to shoot his 18-month-old daughter during a raid on his home.

Kevin Doherty, his wife and baby were tied up by a group of armed men as they searched their Donegal home for cash.

He says he thought he and his family would be killed after masked men raided their home and held them at gunpoint.

The terrifying ordeal happened at around 7.30pm on Sunday when the men arrived at their home in Brigend, north-east Donegal.

Mr Doherty (36) has revealed how his wife and daughter were kept hostage in their sitting room while he was brought throughout the house "with a gun to my head".

He said: "They told my wife, 'we're going to shoot him unless you tell us where the safe is'. She said, 'we don't have a safe'.

"They said, 'if you don't tell us where the safe is, we'll shoot all three of you'.

"Every room I went into, they told me to close my eyes, put my face against the walls, and put the gun to my head."

Mr Doherty - who has three small businesses in Co Derry - was forced to hand over £6,000 (€6,970) worth of cash and cigarettes during the raid.

After being forced to reveal the location of the safe, he was taken outside and ordered to lie in his car.

The father of one was driven to a country lane close to his home, where the gang left him without shoes and with his hands tied behind his back.

"They used a measuring tape to tie me up and forced me onto my hands and knees," he said.

The robbers, who Mr Doherty said spoke with Derry accents, removed the car keys and threatened to shoot the family if he contacted the gardai.

He felt unable to speak about the ordeal for several days but has now claimed he is determined to ensure the culprits are caught.

"I was terrified, I did everything they told me to do and hoped it would end," he said.

"It was a terrifying ordeal. We haven't been back to the house, my wife's too frightened.

"Now I have decided that I don't care and I want to tell everyone so these people are caught."

It is the third time Mr Doherty's home has been targeted by thieves.

Gardai in Buncrana have appealed for anyone with information about the incident to contact them.