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'We'll put a bullet in your brain' - sick hate mail to TD

RACIST thugs have threatened to put "a bullet" in the head of a Dublin TD.

The sinister warning came amid a tirade of racist abuse against Labour politician Aodhan O Riordain.

He was branded a "twisted pervert" and a "c***sucker" and was told, "we will get you -- just wait and see".

Today he told the Herald of his his "shock" and "upset" after being threatened with a 'bullet' to the head.

The Dublin North Central TD is considering whether to report the incident to the gardai after the letter writer included pictures of Mr O Riordain at a recent event.

He said: "I'm going to take soundings and I'll decide what to do in the next few days. This is hate mail. My staff have been at the receiving end of it too and it's fairly upsetting."


Mr O Riordain, who worked as a school principal in the North Inner City, received the letter at his constituency office in Marino yesterday morning.

The handwritten note, which includes the words n***** and c***sucker threatens to send a bullet to the 35-year-old.

The unidentified author struggles to get all of his spelling right. However, the letter clearly makes a sinister threat against the TD's life.

The letter, seen by the Herald, tells Mr O Riordain to "get the f*** out of our town before we put a bukllet [sic] in your brain".

"We will get you -- just wait and see," the letter reads.

The author also includes pictures of the politician with a number of children at an event recently. Underneath the image, he is branded a "f****** twisted pervert".

Mr O Riordain said: "It's hate mail. Anybody can get it -- youth workers, gardai, teachers. However, I have been getting a lot of it since I raised my concerns about multiculturalism in this country. The person who sent it clearly has issues."

The Herald revealed in December that Mr O Riordain's staff received both verbal and written abuse after he became involved in the infamous Darren Scully row. The TD reported Mr Scully, the former Mayor of Naas, to gardai after he sparked outrage by claiming he would no longer represent "black African people".

The Dublin politician believes he has been targetted yet again by people opposed to his views on multiculturalism and equality.


"It is not nice and I intend to investigate further whether An Post could better filter out this type of mail. All I was doing was raising how we discuss the issues like immigration in this country and since then, I began to get a lot of emails and letters to both my home and my office.

"I'm raising this and I hope it gives people an indication as to what's out there. People who send these letters have a hateful mindset and they are far from clever," he added.