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Well look at 'man of the people' Ming in his €500 hemp suit

HE LOVES to ham up his 'man of the people' persona -- but it seems maverick socialist politician Luke 'Ming' Flanagan isn't averse to splashing out on a good suit.

The spliff-smoking bog campaigner rolled up to the Dail in a €500 suit at a time when the rest of the country is on its knees.

'Ming' donned the specially made Louis Copeland threads as a tribute to his love of drugs -- it's made from hemp.

According to the Roscommon politician the suit marks 10 years of campaigning for cannabis legislation.

He will mark his drugs crusade with a visit to Amsterdam at the weekend, where he will puff his way through a joint in time-honoured tradition.

He also revealed that he will be lighting up for the first time "in quite a while this Friday" when he travels to the Dutch city. The Roscommon-Leitrim South TD would lose his Dail seat if he were arrested for possession of cannabis and could face a six-month jail sentence if he did the same in Ireland.

"I'm going to Amsterdam to visit a relation of mine," he reportedly said yesterday.


Flanagan (39) previously grew "one small plant" of cannabis for his personal use but gave it up to protect his family.

He was arrested in 1998 for having small amounts of cannabis on his person.

"It would not be good for my family for the gardai to be coming around to my house and annoying us about this," he explained earlier this year.

"It is a tough decision ... but it is the only logical decision I can make."