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We'll fight on, vow evicted OAPs

THE elderly couple dramatically evicted from their €2m Killiney home have vowed to continue their protest from a tent outside their former home.

Brendan (71) and Asta (63) Kelly said bailiffs smashed their door in and said that the country "needs to know how the people of Ireland are being treated by the banks".

The couple were served with a repossession order on their luxury five-bed home in the quiet gated community of St Matthias Wood nearly two years ago.

Yesterday the bailiffs from IBRC -- the amalgamated Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide -- forced their way through the front door with a crowbar.

"We feel strongly about making this point and need to tell people about our eviction," Mrs Kelly told the Herald. Mr Kelly added: "We have our tent, we cannot get back into our home. My computer is in there and I cannot get it. They have taken our livelihood as well as our home."

Mr Kelly said the debt on the house was around €2m. He owns a number of other properties but said he could not move into one of them because they are let.

The Kellys, who are childless, previously ran a successful business in the tourist resort of Sylt in northern Germany selling Irish textiles to holidaymakers.

Footage of the eviction taken by shocked neighbours has now been seen by more than 17,000 people on YouTube.

As Mr Kelly remonstrated with the bailiffs while they stood outside his home he said: "Take your hands off me. We are not leaving. We are not moving."

The bailiffs attempted to explain the situation calmly, explaining the eviction was on the order of the courts. Neighbours outside the gates can be heard weeping at the sight of the elderly couple being evicted.

The Kellys returned to Ireland from Germany in 2000 and built up a substantial property portfolio in Dublin. Their home in Killiney was worth €3.2m when they bought it and is currently on the market for more than €2.2m. The couple said they last paid their mortgage on the house back in 2009.

The IBRC said it only considers repossession after all other avenues have been exhausted.

Confirming the Killiney repossession order, it said: "A full legal process has been followed in arriving at this decision, therefore for reasons of client confidentiality the bank cannot comment on the specifics of this case."