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Well done, daddy! Little Jamie joins Dubs hero Alan for a lap of victory

HE might be only two years of age, but little Jamie Brogan got to grips with the Sam Maguire cup during Dublin's celebrations.

The toddler son of Alan Brogan and his wife Lydia Rock was carried around the pitch by his doting dad who was celebrating Dublin's All-Ireland victory after the final whistle.

Jamie's uncle Bernard joined the jubilant pair for a while, pointing out the cheering crowds to the toddler.

After his eventful afternoon in Croke Park, it was off home for the little tyke who was tucked up in bed as his parents joined the rest of the Dublin team in the Burlington for their winning gala.

Lydia's model sister Hayley took on the role of babysitter for her sister and Alan.

"She's at home minding Jamie tonight. She's his godmother so she has to do the job sometime," Lydia laughed.

Jamie's trip to Croke Park was not his first match -- it turns out he's seen his dad Alan play quite a few times.

"Jamie has been to a good few league games already and Alan brought him out onto the pitch today with the cup so he was in his element. He's actually more interested in Bernard or Paul playing though, more so than Alan," she laughed.

Lydia (29) added that being part of the Brogan family made the experience of beating Kerry all that more special.

"To be a part of the Brogans in something like this, to be a part of GAA, never mind the Brogans and GAA, is just phenomenal. Especially on a day like today -- you couldn't bottle it up.

"Winning was so surreal, a real out of body experience. It's unbelievable, this is everything. I thought we nearly lost it in the last few minutes, previously that's when Dublin has lost but we didn't," she explained.

And Lydia is hopeful that further success for the Dubs will inject just a little bit of glamour to their lives.

"There is no WAG lifestyle in GAA but we're hoping for it one day. At the moment there definitely isn't that lifestyle and there hasn't been for the last 10 years either, but I'm definitely open for it.

"It is the first Dublin All Ireland in 16 years so we'll see, I'd love a bit of glamour," she said.