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We'll contact passengers vows airline... but foreign visitors are left stranded at airport

Some Aer Lingus passengers affected by the strike were only learning of cancellations as they arrived at Dublin Airport this morning, and were left trying to reorganise their schedules at the last minute.

Despite claims by the airline that passengers would be contacted by text and email, many visitors to the country were still unaware of the strike until today.

"Why is my flight cancelled, is it a strike?" asked Lisa Dererianko from Kiev.

"I only heard my flight was cancelled now, and I have a connection to Kiev to catch when I get to Amsterdam," she added.

Lisa (right) was one on thousands whose flights to destinations including London, Dusseldorf, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Birmingham and Barcelona were cancelled due to the cabin crew industrial action.

"I did not get any text or email from the airline to tell me about this. Now I am very lost and I don't know what to do," she told the Herald.

Another passenger due to fly on the cancelled Amsterdam flight was Anna Parauan.

"I have a connection to Bucharest to catch, and now I don't know if I will make it," she said.

"I did not hear about this strike until a friend rang me last night and told me to check my flight, and it was cancelled."