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Welcome spin-off of new meters

IT'S an ill wind that blows no good. That's one way to view news that the roll-out of 1.5m water meters across the country will create 2,000 construction jobs.

In addition to the 2,000 jobs created during the installation process, investment of €600m-a-year in water services will ensure additional employment in subsequent years.

It is somewhat ironic that a process of charging which has been criticised as ill-thought out should provide a boost to a sector decimated in the recession.

The employment announcement is indeed positive news for a scheme which has attracted some criticism.

But despite the thousands set to work on it, not all homes will have meters when billing begins in 2014. Those without will be charged a set amount -- reducing any incentive to limit their consumption.

The sooner this is rectified, the better. If this means employing more than 2,000 to do the job properly, this must be considered.