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Weeping mum tells how Warren died in arms of best pal

The distraught mother of innocent stab victim Warren O'Connor has revealed how he died in the arms of his best friend after pals tried to save him.

Warren was fatally stabbed in the chest in a row in Donaghmede, north Dublin in the early hours of Saturday morning after he came to the aid of friends.

Today his mum Tina O Connor (47) told the Herald how three of Warren's closest friends were with him when he died and struggled to save his life after the attack.

"His mate Richie was with him and he died in his arms.

"He gave one breath and that must have been his last.

"There was no pulse or anything when the ambulance got there, and they got there in three minutes," she told the Herald.

Speaking from the family home in Ferrycarrig Green, Coolock, she added; "Richie took his own shirt off and covered where Warren's blood was coming out with it, and he gave him the kiss of life. "Warren was looking up into his eyes and he took his last breath then."

Warren, a former soldier, was killed after he went with three friends to complain about the noise levels coming from an apartment at the Grattan Wood development, Hole In The Wall Road, Donaghmede, Dublin 13.

Tina said: "They were followed in the car, and they rammed the car, and Wayne got out to say that there was a girl pregnant in the car.

"A scuffle broke out then. One of them shouted, 'I think he's dead, I think he's dead' and they ran off."

"The knife actually broke in his chest. It all happened so quickly, in around five minutes.

"The little one was screaming in the car. They [Warren's friends] saw the knife sticking up, and they don't know where the top of it went."

Tina was at home when she heard the terrible news, and she went to Beaumont hospital to identify his body.

"It was horrible seeing him lying down there. I asked could I give him a kiss and they said no, because of forensics."

"Warren's dad Frank, said 'Tina, he's gone,' and I went berserk.

"He was the rock of the family -- he'd help anyone, and that's how he died -- helping someone.

"The doctors told me the knife went in slant ways, down through the neck and into the heart." Warren was attending a 50th birthday party when he got the call to go up to the apartment, said Tina.

Tina is now being supported by Warren's wide circle of friends, who even went up to Beaumont hospital where he was pronounced dead.

"The night he died, there was 30 or 40 of his friends up at the hospital crying their eyes out, and the police said they couldn't believe how well behaved they were.


"Last night was the first night I slept. I hadn't slept in 48 hours. Now I just can't cry anymore. I don't know how I'm going to get through the funeral."

Warren was "mad into sports", according to Tina, and the Irish Army, Killester Football club, and O'Tooles football club wish to form a guard of honour at Warren's funeral.

"He won the player of the year in football last year, and he played for the Junior Dubs when he was younger," she said.

"The amount of people that are coming in, I can't believe the amount that knew him and how well he was liked.

"The door hasn't stopped."