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Weekend looks to be a scorcher with temperatures up to 24C


Fine weather on the way

Fine weather on the way

Fine weather on the way

After an unsettled start to the month, a more seasonal weekend is finally on the cards, with warm and mostly dry conditions.

While we won't see the mercury hit the heights that have sparked an amber heatwave alert for our neighbours across the Irish Sea, we can look forward to mostly warm and dry weather for the next few days, according to Met Éireann.

Today will get off to a dry start in Leinster before rain moves in from the west with some heavy - and possibly thundery - bursts before clearing by this evening with sunny spells.

It will be warm with highs of between 20C and 23C in the east and 17C to 19C elsewhere.

After a cool night tonight, with temperatures dipping down to between 8C and 11C, the mercury will bounce back tomorrow with highs of between 20C and 23C in most places.

It will be a bit cooler in Dublin and along eastern coasts due to an onshore breeze.


The blue skies that have evaded much of the country over the past few weeks will return as high pressure moves in, giving us good spells of sunshine and mostly dry conditions.

While it will remain cool overnight, with temperatures down to between 10C and 12C, they will rebound again on Sunday.

Although there won't be wall-to-wall sunshine, it will be dry on Sunday with a mix of cloud and sunny spells.

However, it will continue to be warm, with afternoon highs of between 20C and 24C and slightly cooler temperatures along the east coast with light onshore breezes.

And while it will remain warm for the start of the week, rain is expected to return on Monday.

Clouds will begin to build throughout the day, with showery outbreaks of rain effecting mostly the eastern half of the country and the possibility of thundery downpours.

However, Met Éireann predicts it will stay warm, with daytime highs of between 19C and 22C with light breezes and mild overnight temperatures of between 11C and 14C.