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Wedding heartbreak for young couple as Spanish dream hotel closes down

A young Dublin couple's plans for a dream summer wedding in sunny Spain were dashed -- when the hotel they booked ceased trading.

Lynsey McCabe (30) and her fiancee Gavin Moore (34) from Malahide, were set to get married at the beachside Hotel Sidi San Juan, near Alicante, Spain in July.

But having spent up to €5,000 on the hotel deposit and services for the day, the couple was informed by email last Thursday that the hotel was closing, leaving their plans in shreds.

And with limited time to book another wedding, the couple are now appealing to any local hotels that might be able to accommodate them.

Lynsey said: "We're obviously stressed up to the eyeballs and everywhere we go it's too expensive because we've €5,000 less now. We'd obviously put a deposit down for the hotel, a band, photographer, and videographer. And after five months of planning, it's back to the drawing board."

"Some of Gavin's family can't get the money back on their flights so they're making a holiday out of it and booking another hotel in Spain for two weeks."

The best man also paid for flights for his wife and two children which are non-refundable.


The couple fear they will lose their deposit from the hotel, and they will now spend the next few weeks scouting hotels that can accommodate them in July or August at short notice.

"We're together three and a half years and we got engaged last July. We didn't want one of those long engagements.

"We'd spoken about it before and we always said that we'd love to get married somewhere hot and at a beachside hotel."

"We really had our hearts set on Spain. We were going to get married by a beach in a five-star hotel in Spain, but then last weekend we were looking at ones that don't even have gardens or anything picturesque."

The couple's hopes of a beachside wedding were dashed when they received the email out of the blue.

Lynsey added: "Thankfully we hadn't booked our honeymoon. We were due to go to Spain on two separate flights and we were going to put another 30pc down on the hotel the next time we went over for tastings and things like that, so thankfully we hadn't done that."

"We're both quite practical so we just got up early on Saturday and went to the wedding fair in Citywest and then drove to hotels around Kildare and Wicklow once we got the brochures."