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Weather: Make the shades and brolly handbag staples as 'days of two halves' to continue to weekend


Charlie O’Farrell enjoys himself on Sandymount beach

Charlie O’Farrell enjoys himself on Sandymount beach

Charlie O’Farrell enjoys himself on Sandymount beach

Make room in your bag for the sunglasses and the umbrella for the rest of week as the only thing we can rely on is the temperature.

"A day of two halves" is what Met Eireann forecaster Pat Clarke tells independent.ie, and this will apply every day for the remainder of the week it seems.

 Although it started fairly cool at the crack of dawn this morning, the day is set to get much warmer with lots of sunshine. But don't fail to prepare.

"Temperatures [of between 18 and 21 degrees] are relatively high and around normal at the moment," said the forecaster.

"Today is a good day in that most places will be dry but the weather is not fully settled. There will be some cloud passing overhead and some light rain in parts."

With rain set to fall overnight, the morning will greet us with clouds - and yet we can expect brighter weather as the late afternoon and evening approaches.

"Tomorrow is a mixed bag; it will start off a bit cloudy but that will clear though," Clarke tells independent.ie.

"A lot of dry weather early on Thursday and Friday will be clear enough after overnight spells pass. But, like Saturday, we can expect a day of two halves."

While you will constantly be swapping the shades for the brolly for the next five days, Clarke says that "temperatures all the while will be fairly warm".

Heavy overnight rain coming in from the Atlantic is due to fall Saturday night into early Sunday so be sure to pack the barbeque gear away if you get a chance to use it.