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'We will protest until rapist Murray is gone'

FURIOUS residents and neighbours of an apartment block where rapist Michael Murray was housed have said they will continue to stage protests until they are sure he has gone.

Stoneybatter and Smithfield residents say Murray was last sighted in a corner shop in the area on Monday night, at the same time as gardai were telling them that they believed the serial sex offender had moved.

Residents have said they will continue with their nightly protests until gardai can definitively tell them Murray has gone.

And protesters fear others may take the law into their own hands if the community does not "get answers".

Locals were horrified when it emerged Murray had moved back to Blackhall Square apartments after he left his last address in Inchicore amid uproar from neighbours there.

Unknown to them, Blackhall Square had been his home for several months after his release from prison.

Murray's large apartment block is situated directly opposite a creche and beside two schools. Gardai have repeatedly refused to comment on the case.Residents have said they were told by officers that Murray has now left Blackhall Square "as far as they know".

But one of the protesters told the Herald Murray had been sighted shopping in the convenience store on Manor Street at around 6pm on Monday.

"Until we have it in writing that he's gone we're not going to believe it," one of the protesters said.

"Why should we when we weren't told he was here in the first place. We're going to keep up our protest until we get some real answers.

At the moment we feel like we are being fobbed off. We are still very shocked and worried".

"We don't want things to get nasty, but people are angry and there's a lot of fellas that would like to go up there looking for him.

We don't want to see that happen".

The Herald exposed Murray last July when he was released from prison five years early after serving 13 years for rape and sex attacks.

As well as leaving his apartment in Inchicore, Murray was also forced to give up a gardening job in St Mary's Hospital in the Phoenix Park.

Senior gardai have described him as one of the most dangerous criminals in the country.

Murray (50) was freed from jail last July five years early from an 18-year sentence for his violent sex attacks.

At the height of his rape rampage, he attacked six women, raping four of them, in as many days.

The attacks took place in various locations across the southside, including Dalkey and Rathmines.