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'We were attacked on bus because of our hijabs'


Elham Osman

Elham Osman

Elham Osman

An Irish Muslim woman has spoken about her terrifying ordeal at the hands of violent racists while making her way home on a Dublin bus.

Elham Osman (23) moved from Egypt to Dublin in 2001 at the age of eight with her family and is an Irish citizen.

Elham described how she and a friend were attacked by a group of seven girls while travelling from DCU in May 2011.

She told the Herald that the girls first targeted them because of the hijabs they were wearing and because "they were bored".


"They were trying to pull our skirts up and were making all sorts of racist remarks. Then they followed us off the bus and hit my friend repeatedly in the head with a can so she had to be admitted to hospital. I had bruises all over my arms and wrists.

"My friend is still suffering from psychological damage, but the gardai were never able to find the girls so they got away with it," she added.

Elham will explore what it means to be an immigrant in Ireland today on RTE2's programme I Am Immigrant, airing tonight at 9.30pm.