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We were all in shock watching Love/Hate finale


Mary Murray

Mary Murray




Mary Murray

The huge reaction to the season finale of Love/Hate was just incredible.

When I knew Janet was going to be killed off I had the hardest time trying to keep it from my mother because she is an expert at extracting information.

With everyone else like news interviews and that I was able to work my way around it, but it was tough to keep the story from her.


She kept coming up with all these different scenarios, but I couldn't tell her anything. She was hoping Janet wouldn't die but I couldn't tell her.

My mam was in between two minds about whether I was going to kill Nidge (inset) or I was going to die.

For her it was traumatic when she saw the final episode.

For me, when I saw the part where Janet died, I was used to it because I had seen myself in the mirror with all the make up effects and everything so I knew what I was in for, but then it came to the last two scenes with Siobhan and Nidge - I didn't know that was going to happen.

We hadn't seen the final scenes of the last episode - only the actors in those scenes knew what was going to happen so that was a huge shock when I watched it.

So as much of a shock that it was for my character to die, it was a huge shock to see Nidge and Siobhan being killed off.

It was a brilliant show to be a part of and people are still asking questions, buying box sets and watching it online.

I might even get a box set of the whole series for myself just to have it at home.

The show gripped the country and it was great to be part of something that got everybody talking. So we'll all have to wait and see if it comes back in the future.