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We want probe into Stephen's death, say Gately family


The late Stephen Gately 
Pic: PA

The late Stephen Gately Pic: PA

The late Stephen Gately Pic: PA

Stephen Gately's brother has started a new investigation into the Boyzone star's tragic death.

Stephen's brother Tony says the family still have many unanswered questions.

Gately died aged 33 of a congenital heart defect at the apartment he owned with his husband, Andrew Cowles, in Majorca, Spain, in 2009.

On the night of his death, Andrew and Stephen had been partying at Black Cat nightclub where they met model Georgi Dochey, who came back to the couple's apartment at 5.30am.

However, Tony has now hired a private investigator to look into his death after begging police to reopen the case.

"Even now we are still not certain what happened and Andy has never opened up to me," Tony said. "We are looking at getting a private investigator once his estate is settled."

Tony also revealed that there is an ongoing battle with Stephen's husband, Andrew, over Stephen's assets. Stephen was said to have left a €2m fortune but he didn't leave a will and it is believed that Andrew will inherit his estate.

"Stephen was a big Disney collector and he had a load of snow globes, so we wanted some of them for the kids," Tony explained.

Tony has fallen out with Andrew in a dispute over the assets. It is believed that Stephen's family will receive approximately 40pc of Stephen's estate.

Stephen's mother, Margaret, is 65 and is understood to be suffering from ill health due to the stress over his estate.

Stephen's bandmates recently reunited in Sydney to support Ronan Keating at his Emerald and Ivy ball.

It was a poignant reunion for Ronan, Keith Duffy, Mickey Graham and Shane Lynch as the day after the ball marked the fifth anniversary of the tragic death of their band mate and friend.


Boyzone are now set to release their new Motown album and have spoken about how they've moved on as a band without Stephen.

"We kind of feel like we're a new band now," Ronan said.

"As a group and as friends we're closer now than we've ever been before," Keith said.

"I think the loss of Stephen made that very apparent to us that we are very important to each other."