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We want more used German cars

Online car website Carzone said more than 4m searches for used cars took place on their site in the month of June.

BMW (inset), Volkswagen and Audi were the most popular, meaning German car marques are still as popular as ever with Irish car buyers. Topping the polls is BMW, generating a staggering 480,000 searches with Volkswagen in second on 434,000 and Audi in third position with a healthy 385,000 searches.

The Volkswagen Golf was the most searched for model with almost 200,000 searches. This was closely followed in second place by the BMW 5 series with the BMW 3 series in third. After this came the Ford Focus and Audi A4.

The demand for black cars remains very much to the fore with 22pc of users searching for black and 15pc of people on the look-out for a white car.