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We used to joke about it, but Miriam O'Callaghan has all the qualities to be president one day – Pat Kenny


Miriam O'Callaghan and Pat Kenny

Miriam O'Callaghan and Pat Kenny

Pak Kenny

Pak Kenny


Miriam O'Callaghan and Pat Kenny

Pat Kenny has said he used to tease Miriam O'Callaghan about running for President.

There has been speculation that the Prime Time presenter could make a bid for the Aras in 2018, though she has so far declined to comment on any ambitions she may have.

Now Pat has said that his former RTE colleague has "a lot of the qualities that would be required" to take on the role.

He recalled how he used to joke about it when they worked together on Prime Time.

"She talked about improving her Irish so we were teasing her about the presidency.

"Laughing about it she said, 'Well what question would you ask me if you have to interview me as a presidential candidate?'."

Joking aside, Pat explained why he thinks Miriam (right) would be a good candidate.

"She knows enough about politics, so she would know when to intervene as president. She certainly has a dignified presence.

"I think she could do virtually all the tasks required of our president without too much difficulty."

Pat (67), made his return to the small screen last night with his UTV Ireland chat show featuring GAA coach Mickey Harte as his first guest.

The Tyrone manager spoke about the murder of his daughter Michaela on her honeymoon in Mauritius.

The veteran broadcaster insists he isn't interested in waging a war with his former employer.

His Pat Kenny in the Round show clashes with his former RTE co-presenter's show Claire Byrne Live.

"If I was to come back with something like The Frontline and was up against Claire, who is a buddy of mine, it would've been odd.

"But they're two different kinds of programmes. People can watch either or both," he said.

Pat said that many of his old colleagues wished him well before his new show aired last night.

"I left with all the friendships intact by the way - the Director General gave me a hug, so there was no bad blood," he told the Herald.

Responding to reports that RTE said they would not take him back, the presenter said: "I just thought, 'Well what else are they going to say?'

"When you're in the commercial arena and your stalwart is now working for someone else, you do the best you can.

"It's not as if this is World War III. I don't know who said it, but I understand the black act of propaganda and it's fine. It didn't upset me."

The broadcasting legend admitted he feels as though a weight has been lifted off his shoulders now he is no longer trying to maintain top ratings in RTE.

"When you're number one, it's a tyranny and a massive weight - I don't feel that weight now. Hopefully it will grow an audience and evolve, as most things do," he said.

In the Round will run for four more shows before breaking for the summer.