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'We thought they were filming Love/Hate'

BUSINESS owners and industrial workers first believed it was just another shooting of a scene from Love/Hate.

Just weeks previously, the cast of the RTE hit series had been filming just yards away from yesterday's shocking murder of Lithuanian father-of-one Gintaras Zelvys.

So when gun shots rang out at a unit in the Greenogue Business Park, workers thought the likes of Nidge and Fran were back in action. "We couldn't believe it when we learned that it was a real life murder," said one businessman in the area.


"This is a very busy park but people keep to their own and get on with their work."

"Love/Hate were filming in this area so we just thought it was fiction," he added. But the event that happened at a 'cash-for-clothes' shop yesterday morning was a frighteningly real cold-blooded murder.

Workers heard gun shots and the emergency services were immediately called to deal with Ireland's latest gun murder.

Gardai spent hours yesterday stopping vehicles that were travelling through the business park as part of their investigation.

Business people spent the day on edge – trying to come to terms with why a father-of-one's life would come to an end in such a brutal fashion.

One friend of the victim, who spoke to the Herald on the condition of anonymity, said he was a "real businessman".

"He has lots of clothes shops, not only in Dublin but also Kildare. He has a family and lots of friends, so this is just unbelievable," she said.