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We take 20 minutes to decide to a buy house

Homebuyers typically spend just over 20 minutes viewing a property before they decide to purchase it, a survey suggested today.

The average person looks around a home for only 21 minutes before they decide to buy it, according to mortgage provider ING Direct.

The group said this was a 10th of the time people generally took to choose a TV channels package, while it is also down on the 284 minutes people spent when they bought a new TV set and the 164 minutes it took on average to choose a coffee table.

Around 44pc of buyers said they felt under pressure to act quickly in case another person snapped up the property they were interested in, while 26pc felt that estate agents had talked up interest from other parties and 21pc said they encouraged them to make a quick offer.

In 93pc of cases where couples buy a property together they make a joint decision, but in the 7pc of cases where they disagree, women are three times more likely to have the final say than men.