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We need family homes, not one-bed units, council told

a Dublin local authority has been called on to ditch plans to build one-bedroom social housing units and construct family homes instead.

Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County Council is to begin construction on a new project in Kilternan, south county Dublin, within months, but has now come up against strong resistance locally.

The proposal is to build 15 units at Cromlech Close in a three-storey block.

Six of the homes will be one-bed apartments, another will be a two-bed apartment and eight will be two-bed houses.

Permission was granted for the scheme more than seven years ago and the plans have been on ice since then.

But it recently emerged the council is to start building the complex in October.

Debbie Anderson, who lives on Cromlech Close and is also on the Kilternan/Glenamuck Residents Association, said: "No one in the area ever felt it was appropriate for the site."

"There has not been any engagement to date from the council. The main concerns are the design - a three-storey apartment block on the end of a row of (existing) cottages," she said.

Ms Anderson believes the council is missing a chance to relieve the waiting list for family homes.

"If they need one-bed apartments, they can just buy them. They have a perfect opportunity to build family homes but they're not taking it," she said.

Residents also highlighted road safety concerns, saying an increase in the number of homes on Cromlech Close from six to 21 would cause traffic to breach "acceptable safety" levels.

A response was not received from the council - who want to build the scheme to help deal with the shortage of social housing - at the time of writing.

In April, there were 4,360 people on the housing list in the jurisdiction, an increase of 954 in the previous 10 months. Some 2,108 families with children were on the list - 214 had been waiting for more than nine years.