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'We must have clarity on plan for care homes', says fearful son of resident (94)


Aidan Mahon is concerned

Aidan Mahon is concerned

Aidan Mahon is concerned

Aidan Mahon's elderly mother Phyllis is just one of the thousands of nursing home residents who have been closed off to the outside world since early March.

Phyllis (94) has been in a north Dublin home since she suffered a stroke several months ago. The home is currently Covid-19 free.

"I support the decision to restrict visits," Aidan told the Herald.

"I can't fault the nursing home at all. They threw me out on March 13 when I tried to get in.

"They said in no uncertain terms that I had to go and that was when there were queues outside from people trying to get in.

"My issue is whether they are getting enough support at the minute.

"We are hearing that over 50pc of the deaths are in nursing homes and that's massive.

"What is going on? What is being done?"

Mr Mahon said he and his five siblings are becoming increasingly worried at the statistics in relation to Covid-19 outbreaks in homes.

They are concerned what the situation might mean for their mother.


"There are medical issues that would be concerning," he said.

"If residents have underlying conditions, are they going to get the care at the minute?

"Will they clear [a] run into the hospital or are they not going to be a priority? There doesn't seem to be any real clarity on anything and it's not the nursing homes who are being unclear."

Mr Mahon urged the Government to be more transparent on plans to help nursing homes.

"If nursing homes need help, we want to see them get that help," he said.

"Is there a specific plan for the nursing homes?

"Are the staff getting enough support? Do they have enough PPE? We don't have any answers to any of this.

"We don't know. The statistics aren't being highlighted enough. We want to see a roadmap for the homes. Show us what you are doing.

"If they don't do something, people like us will never be able to go in and visit our loved one," he added.