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We move up the global rankings

THERE is some good news on the global competitiveness front, with Ireland reversing its slide and climbing two places to 27th.

According to the latest Global Competitiveness Report from the World Economic Forum Ireland's competitiveness is finally back on track. This follows a decline in recent years when we fell from 22nd to 29th.

This year's report says Ireland continues to benefit from a number of strengths, including our excellent health and primary education, which currently stands at 12th and strong higher education and training, which stands at 20th.

Switzerland comes top, lauded for its sophisticated scientific research, high-quality training for workers and stable politics.

Singapore, a favourite among the business classes for its lower-tax regime, comes in second, while Finland is third.

The UK, meanwhile, was ranked eight with Germany at six and France at number 21. The WEF says that the large emerging market economies displayed varying performances.