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We made a date to get married - on 11/11/11

PASSIONS were running high today if predictions for the date 11/11/11 are to be believed.

A higher than usual number of couples across the globe have picked the memorable date to marry.

Numerologist Sonia Ducie said: "Numbers are reference points to show us what is going on in the world and in our little lives.

"Eleven is the number for inspiration and passion. It's an aspirational number which has extremely uplifting energy.

"November 11, 2011 is a reference point to remind us that we are all one world and we are here to help each other."


Ms Ducie, who is the author of 11 books in her field, believes that today will be a great day for plans coming together.

"I think the 11th is a very good day for negotiation and making peace. Great things could happen in Europe, creating more stability," she said.

It is passion which appears to be highest on the agenda as the number of weddings taking place is expected to be significantly higher than on any other Friday.

Bronagh Conway (25) and Cathal Kearney (30) both from Co Tyrone in Northern Ireland, were getting married in Saint Eugene's Church in Newtownstewart today, and chuckled at the notion that 11 was reflective of passionate energy.

Blushing bride Bronagh said: "A lot of our friends have commented on it and it looked well on the invitation.

"If you knew me and Cathal you'd know there wasn't much energy about us, but maybe passion! I'll be expecting a gift every year as there's no excuse for him forgetting.

"I haven't actually looked into the meaning behind the date but I'll probably have a wee Google now."