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'We have ministers who want to win the glitterball'


TD Danny Healy Rae

TD Danny Healy Rae

TD Danny Healy Rae

Dancing With The Stars boss Larry Bass has revealed several Irish politicians are itching to strut their stuff on the hit show.

The TV producer told how more than one Government minister reckons they've got what it takes to try for the glitterball trophy.

"There are lots of areas we haven't cast in. We've had no politicians yet. We've had lots expressing interest. We've even had serving ministers wanting to go on the show," he said.

However, Bass doesn't think we will see a politician on the show any time soon.

"I think in the current climate, unless we have an election, we won't see a politician for years," he said.

Asked who his pick would be to join the show, Bass reckons the Healy-Rae brothers have the right stuff.

"Daniel Healy-Rae would be great, wouldn't he? Michael Healy-Rae as well. Imagine having the two of them on the show," he said.


While the pool of celebrities in Ireland is far smaller than in the UK and the US, Bass doesn't think producers will run out of famous faces willing to do the show.

"If you saw the amount of people who want to be on the show. It's running for 14 years in the UK and the US but other countries do it," he said.

"But if you think about it we've new sports people this year and there's a new list of sports people next year so it is constantly changing."

The TV boss also rubbished recent claims made by Deirdre O'Kane that the show's judges - Brian Redmond, Loraine Barry and Julian Benson - have been harsher on the female contestants.

He pointed out that in the semi-final in which Erin McGregor was sent home, there were still three female celebrities remaining, while Jake Carter is the only male left.

"Deirdre is very happy now and she's very happy to be here this far on the show. She could win the show," he said.

"Why was there only one man in the semi-final?

"I think what happens is once you get to a certain standard, you bring that standard with you.

"I think generally last year and this year, the women have been a much higher standard.

"That actually brings a higher standard of judging."

Speaking about TV3's rival entertainment show Ireland's Got Talent and their semi-finals this week, Bass said it was "wildly exciting for those who want to watch that show".

Unfortunately for Louis Walsh and the rest of the judges, Bass admitted he won't be tuning into the final on Saturday.

"I've watched it before. No, I'll actually be busy," he said.